Converting 89 Ezgo Marathon from Resistor to Controller


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I have an 89 Ezgo Marathon 36v with the original resistor system, and I'm getting some nasty sparking from the accelerator contactor. Thinking to change it over to a Controller System, and told all I need to do so is an appropriate controller and Potentiometer Box. Now I see that a Curtis (or comparable) 500A 36v 0-5K 1204-(002,014,023,031, or 030) was the specified one for this cart, but finding them to be expensive, but there are very affordable 1205 (and other) controllers that have the same specs and same connectors. Any reason why this wouldn't be workable for my application? Also, there are original Curtis and then Curtis comparable (I'm sure Chinese made or knock offs). I see some with the same speed rating and connectors that are 325amp - would that be sufficient? Of course, come with return guarantees and for very good prices. Any reason one of these wouldn't be worth the gamble. Of course, an 89 cart isn't worth big bucks, so certainly not worth throwing a fortune into it. Anyone willing to help me figure out how to make this conversion affordably?


If you're going to use a 0-5K potentiometer the Curtis 1205 will work. 325 amps will be fine if you're planning on keeping the rest of the golf cart stock