Converted My EZGO Workhorse Dump Bed To Electric


Electric lift for EZGO Workhorse dump bed components that will seamlessly fit factory mounts.

Warner Electric linear actuator# K2xG20 (2200 lb cap, 6” throw) You can use any that is 14” to 15” closed dimension.

Napa switch# TG7071 (Momentary on /off/ momentary on 6 pole)

Napa 30amp breaker# 782-3105

1) ½” x 3” clevis pin
1) ½” x 1-7/8 to 2” clevis pin
2) 3/8” spacers (I used 1/2" SAE washers)
3) cotter pins (appropriately sized for clevis pins)

Red and black primary wire, I used 14 gauge about 15’ ea.
15’ 1/2” split loom cut to length.

cost me total of $143.00


Mine doesnt but I think the ST models do. While I have the rear end off of this I am going to install BU's traction control system.

club car man

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Ahh, while it's all apart just make it 4 wheel drive.


Buggies Unlimited Traction Control System does not lock the differential, it only helps in some instances. I would love to trade someone a 2001 ezgo rear end with a TCS installed to a differential lock workhorse rear end.


I'm actually thinking about doing that.
Depending on how much I can sell my other cart for I want to get that 4x4 kit from Imaginative Manufacturing INC. Now that would be fun with a 23hp briggs.