Converted My EZGO TXT From 36 to 48 Volts


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I finally got everything together and converted my EZGO TXT from 36 volts to 48 volts. I did the 4 gauge welding cable and upgraded my forward and reverse switch last month. I installed the new controller, contactor and exrta batttteries last night and today.

Alltrax 4865 and 400amp 48v contactor from EVdrives



2 Deka GC10's in the bagwell


I wired the charge circuit Like Gorno's Z06 so I can use my existing 36v powerwise and a 12v Smart Charger on the 2 left out.


And with this Motor Upgrade




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Congratulations! I bet you just love it! I know I do!

Tell us all about the motor! Any runtime issues yet?


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Well I just did a little test run at WOT I'm running 20 mph on flat pavement. Took that measurement by having my friend follow me in his truck (I left my GPS at work).

When I mash the pedal from a dead stop the wheels come off the ground about 3 feet.

If I am going backwards a little and mash the pedal the front end will go up until my receiver hitch hits the pavement and hold it for about 10 feet. But..............I Want More!!!

What do I need to do a burnout. The asphalt is wet right now and I strapped the cart to my F-350 and it would only brake the tires if I rocked side to side.

I'm thinking D-380 Purple.........I'm calling the Steens in the morning to talk to Robbie.

Any other ideas??


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You have 48v, running 24"(?) tires, your slower than me, and you can pull unassisted wheelies. Must be a lower RPM high torque motor.

As far as burnouts, since you can wheelie on command you have TOO MUCH TIRE for burnouts. Try some dish soap on asphalt to loosen things up and see what happens.


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Roger that Gorno. I was thinking of going to get the dawn but I was having too much fun pulling Wheelies!! :thumbsup:


I figured the speed would be a little faster with a Plum Quick motor. A stock 36 volt EZGO motor will run faster then 20 MPH with stock 18" tires. :dazed:


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Actually COPB, I upgraded the motor this time last year, that was the beginning of the 48v upgrade. I'm looking for another cart to build for my kids since this one is way to dangerous for them now. I'll use the stock controller, contactor and this motor at 36v for that cart and they will have good torque at 15 mph.


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Just finished my upgrade to 48 volts on the EZGO and with stock motor and 500alltrax doing lift and rear seat this weekend. With stock tires I have good acceleration and almost 30mph. what motor is best for all around use? Most of my use is offroad semi rough terrain and short steap hills. I would like extra torq but don't want to lose all my speed. Also going to 23" tires. So it looks like a stock 36 volt EZGO motor on 48 volts out performs the Plum quick motor on 48 volts by 10 MPH. :dazed:I'm glad I didn't waste my money on the Plum Quick motor. ;)