Converted a 36 Volt Club Car to 48 Volts


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I just converted a 1992 36 volt DS Club Car to 48 Volts. Everything is good except for one thing. I got a voltage reducer that hooks on with 3 wires: a positive, a negative, and a blue wire that goes on the key, so when you turn the key off, the voltage reducer goes off too. I've never put one of these in before, and it has me pretty stumped. :dazed: Where does it hook up to, and where do you disconnect the accessories from to connect to the voltage reducer? If someone could give me some step by step directions, and be as specific as possible I would really appreciate it.
In case you are wondering, my accessories are headlights, brake lights, and I believe the horn has to be 12 volts too?

Thanks again!



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The positive and negative go to the battery connections across 48v. The blue wire activates the relay that turns the voltage reducer on. It attaches to the key switch portion that is off without the key and on with the key turned on.