Convert from 6 batteries to 4


Make sure your controller is rated for 48 volts. A 36 volt controller will fry on 48 volts. If your going to switch to four 12 volt batteries I'd go with 12 volt golf cart batteries or you won't be happy. The cost will be about the same as six 8 volt golf cart batteries and that's what I'd recommend sticking with. Not only will the run time be longer with the six 8 volt batteries, the overall life of the battery will be longer. If you use regular 12 volt deep cycle batteries you'll be lucky to get a year out of them in a golf cart. :twocents:


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I switched from six 6 volt batteries to 6 twelve volt deep cycles and now am running 72volts on my cart. Faster and funner than before with what seems like about a 10-15% drop in range. Gets hot if running less than full throttle but afraid the motor will come apart if I run it full tilt for too long!! Mine is an old resistor coil cart so your cart would probably require alot more work to up the voltage that much. Probably should stick with the 8 volt batts. Good luck!!