Convert EZGO Golf Cart Resistor Coils to Controller


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Hi all, I have been reading the posts on the forum and feel a little better about asking dumb questions. Obviously I have not had a running golf cart before. I bought a 1984 EZGO electric golf cart, the person who sold it to me is knowledgable and he stated to me "the cart doesn't have a controller it has resistor coils" that statement meant nothing to me at the time. I now am curious as to if I can covert to a controller in order to get two speeds from my cart.


Adding a controller isn't a problem. Getting two speeds might be depending on what you mean.
A resistor coil golf cart was built to ride at wide open speed only for any length of time. A coil golf cart will get red hot resistor coils at slow speeds. A controller wont care what speed you drive at.