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All experts: I just purchased a 1991 CC 36V resistor type car really cheap, and I'm wanting to get it in excellent shape for resale. I have been reading the posts, and I have seen very little good opinions about the resistor type.
Question 1: What all is included in a conversion to solid state controller, such as alltrax? What is a "pot box" potentiometer type setup, and how hard is that to convert over?
Question 2: If the batteries are bad, and I have to purchase a controller and potentiometer setup, should I just go ahead and get 8V batteries, change the charger and solenoid, and have a 48V cart? I know the 48V controllers are'nt much higher.
The cart isn't driving yet. I just picked it up, and it is charging. It had been sitting a long time, and the batteries were alive enough for the charger to kick on, so I have hope they MAY come back.
There was a cable end broken off, and I changed it. Other than that, I just hit the gas and nothing happened- not even a click of a solenoid. I'm planning to check pack voltage and load test batteries tomorrow, and then jump the solenoid tomorrow and see if anything happens. I'd like to see it move. Any opinions on the upgrade?


If you're going to sell the cart I wouldn't convert it to a electronic controller. Make sure the resistors and cables are in good shape and sell it the way it is.


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The resistors look awfully rusted up and corroded. The cables aren't in too good of a shape, either. It looks like I can get all new resistor coils for about $80 from my supplier. Is that a fair price, and do you think it's necessary? It's my first resistor style cart, and I'm not sure what to expect. How would you try cleaning them up, if you weren't going to change them?