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i have a 2001 ezgo 36v electric cart...i live at a lake that has hills and sometimes i feel like the cart is going to stop...about a month ago i have all new interstate batteries put in...i have been reading a lot about controllers,motors and am somewhat confussed on where i should to start to do an upgrade...from the research that i have done i have and DCS cart,F/R switch is by my leg..can someone give me some i have to do all the upgrdes at once? (funds) what should i do first?



If your cart is a 2001 with the forward and reverse switch by your leg it's a fleet/series cart and you have a lot of options. You don't need to do every thing at once...

First things I would do:
1 - Upgrade ALL 6 gauge cables to 4 guage...
2 - Heavy duty buss bars in the forward and reverse switch...
Those two upgrades are pretty cheap and will help a little with torque and will be needed if you decide to go with a higher amp controller. A controller upgrade will help you a lot with torque but you should to do the cables and HD buss bars first.

If you decide to go with a new controller I would get a Alltrax 500 amp for with stock motor . Alltrax also has a 650 amp controller and would be best if your going to go with a higher RPM motor in the future. I would also go with a HD White Rodgers 586 solenoid with the bigger controller.

Another option that would be cheaper is a EMP two speed motor. The EMP motor can be run in torque mode and speed mode and is switchable on the fly. I would still recommend the 4 guage cables and HD buss bars first but you can run a EMP motor without them...

If you have any questions feel free to ask and if you need help deciding on anything I mentioned or where to buy the parts we can steer you in the right direction...


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Your Forward/Reverse switch assembly contains 2 buss bars that rotate parrallel to each other and reverse the polarity of the pack relative to the motor. On a DC system this is how you change direction. The buss bars are flat strips of copper. They are designed to work with a stock setup. When you upgrade to a higher amp controller the buss bars should be upgraded also or they could heat up and deteriorate. They become the weak link in the current train.