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I am putting 23 in tires/12 in rims with a 5 inch lift on my 2005 EZ-GO TXT/PDS (with speed chip installed), will I need to upgrade my controller? I just use the cart around my neighborhood on flat asphalt roads


You should be able to get by with the stock controller. Run the air pressure in the tires at the max. If any cables start getting hot replace them ALL with 4 guage. Actually you should replace all the cables with 4 guage either way. It will help get back some of the torque your going to lose with the bigger tires...


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What HRC said, and you might consider an HD solenoid because of your increased amp draw caused by the 23's.


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Thanks Guys, that sounds like what I need. I will be getting the Alltrax DCX controller later (that thing is sweet). I will order the 4g wires, the cart has brand new 6g wires on it now so i'll keep an eye on heat build up until I can get the 4g. I am starting on installing the lift and tires this weekend