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So...this is my first post. I have a 1994 g9. Purchased last summer. It did great until end of summer. Upon which it decided to go in reverse but not in forward. Not much fun and bad for my neck. So I decided to dive in (never having worked on carts) and fix it. I successfully managed to create a large fireworks show with a screwdriver. Not good. Now I don't have anything. No forward and no reverse and no clicks. The local shops all say i fried my controller. Is this true? How sure can they be without testing? If so, I have seen "drop in aftermarket replacments for a quarter of the cost I was quoted from the local shops. Are they OK? 300 Amp OK? .....................Next is the question of the no forward. Have any ideas?

"I promise never to touch anything internal without first disconnecting the batteries" duuuuhhhh

Thanks in advance.


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im not sure but i would check the voltage right before your controller to make sure voltage is in fact getting to the controller as for the questions about the controller idk sorry