Controller help


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New to the site so please excuse me if this is to be found elsewhere but have yet to find it. I have what I think is a 99 medalist or TXT. My problem is forward works but reverse doesn't. Previous owner replaced selector switch and the contacts appear to line up correctly. I've used an ohm meter to verify that the micro switches are working and looked at a wiring diagram to make sure the selector was wired up correctly. Solenoid clicks when pedal is depressed with switch in forward or reverse. When in forward voltage at motor starts at 0 then progresses as pedal is pushed but when in reverse reading full voltage on all wires and nothing is happening
(totally confusing me). Every now and then when playing with selector and pedal reverse will suddenly work and will continue to work until selector is placed back in forward then no reverse again
. Was wondering if this could be a controller problem and how to diagnose it. Any help appreciated and Thanks. Robby