Controller Bypass

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Have heard rumors of this animal... think it's called a "Nate's Boost". Google this on any forum and see what you get.


Sorry but we have discussed this in the past and nates boost want work with a controller cart...or will it? Bypassing a controller is easy, it's getting the extra batteries to not fry it once you come back to normal.


Pimp Daddy the DC/Speed site has been down for a couple of weeks. I don't know if Nate has decided it's to costly to keep it up or what but he hasn't done anything for over 2 weeks.
The drawing dougmcp has posted is the one though.


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The first one is Nates..the other one is roadys. Nates does let you charge 72 volts with a 36-volt charger. What is important here guys is the diodes. You must get that part right. They keep the current from feeding back into your controller. Nate has the right #'s. Nothing less. Same for roadys caps. Nate has done a 60 on 60 before. That is 60 volts at one time going stright to the motor. He is the only guy I know that can pull the front tires off the ground at 50 mph.


Just a note: This circuit cannot be used with electronic controllers, even ones rated for 72V.
If interested I will go over "why".