Constant beeping in reverse, slow forward


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Hello, I am trying to diagnose problem with a PDS cart, not sure of year.

It will run Forwards but only hits about half full speed / power until I switch back to neutral then into forward again and it will go full speed again happily until I stop.

Other symptom is reverse rarely works, it beeps constantly and does not run, when put in diagnostic mode as per controller cover it does not give me anything, just keeps chiming non-stop.

All batteries are in good condition, individual voltages and fluid condition all test OK.

I tried the diagnostic voltages from this site but my wiring colours / connectors do not tally with either the DCS or PDS descriptions, I have a ten pin plug but no six pin, I don't have a black wire on the ten pin, I have 14.6 volts on a white wire on 4 pin connector from throttle, don't know where to go from there for testing throttle sensor etc.

Does anyone have diagnostic info that matches my controller, it said it is a Curtis controller, I didn't note the model number before putting cover back though.

Any help most appreciated.



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Hi, I don't think it will go into diagnostic mode. After flicking the switch to reverse 5 times it still just chimes constantly in reverse as always.

If it is in diagnostic mode and I drive it does it stay in that mode until the key is turned off?



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Also, does anyone have a testing procedure like the one I linked to but for this cart i.e. the number of pins on plugs and colour of wires don't match what I have.