Connect charger to controller


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I would like to make life easier on my fleet of rental carts. They are all E-Z-GO PDS. I want to run the cord from the charger directly to the controller and have the power cord on a reel that plugs into the wall.

This will allow my renters to plug one cord in and not have to plug the receptacle into the cart.

I think that there should be a relay somehwhere in this setup to prevent someone from trying to drive away while the cart is still plugged in.

Any thoughts?


I dont think you can hook the charger to the controller it has to be hooked to the batteries. Maybe you need on board chargers.


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Yes my mistake, I meant that I would like to have the charger wired directly into the batteries so that I only have one plug to connect when it comes time to charge. I want to know if I need a relay or something to prevent driving away while the cart is plugged in.


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I think you would want a relay or something to prevent drive off. Im not sure how to set it up tho.......question for ya, have you had any problems with the pds rentals? Im fixin to get some but im concerned about burning up controllers


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They are great rental carts. We have put long top, lights, windshield and backseat kit on them. They are realtively trouble free. The biggest problems we have are from the renters crashing them drunk :)

I went and tested the rental that I drive around the resort and I can drive it while being plugged in which I thought you could not?

Anyways, if anyone has any experience with doing this, please let me know.

It will be a slick operation with one plug on a retractable cord reel in the back to charge the cart.


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How hard is it to charge a golf cart? I think you are going at this from the wrong direction. It would be easier and more productive to apply a sticker on the steering wheel reminding the user to charge the cart after each use.


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It's not that hard to charge a golf cart. I am trying to improve our setup. I know that for some people having to pull the cables out and plug them in is a hindrance. If i make it dead easy by having a 20 foot cable on a retractable cord reel as the only item required I think people will be more inclided to plug their carts in. After all , our biggest expense is batteries and the more charging they get the longer they will last!!!

So, if anyone can help me set this up, I would appreciate it.