Computer Viruses


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Hey y'all... I got a virus on my lap top last night. I had to take it to a shop today. The point here is this... I was on yahoo when a red box in the lower right hand corner popped up and said I might have a virus, BLAH, BLAH... I clicked the X to get rid of it. Within an hour all hell broke loose. The gal at the repair shop told me NEVER click anywhere on the box, 'cause it'll automatically launch the virus. She said to press Alt F4 to get rid of it. Don't know if this helps, but I thought I'd pass it on.


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Great advice, Alt + F4 will (attempt) to close whatever window is current open or in front, although not always successfully.

If you have one of the windows open that's trying to tell you that your computer is infected and click here to fix or whatever, its just a good to just hold the power button for 4 seconds - this will hard power off your machine.

Anybody PM me anytime, I'm a computer geek - so I'll trade computer expertise for all y'alls cart experience.




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Thanks for the advice. Whatever you do... DO NOT SLAM THE LAPTOP DOWN ON THE COFFEE TABLE!!! I tried this method. I had to have a new screen installed, the fan has a unique sound now and my laptop has a permanent limp...


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If your lap top locks up, just take out the battery. That's what I had to do a couple of times.