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Whats everybody running as far as your main computer goes?

I'm using a home built. Heres some of the spec's on it.
Gigabyte Motherboard
Pentium4 2ghz
1gig ram
ATI 9800Pro video card
500gb internal HD
120gb internal HD
2 - 500gb external HD's
2 - 300gb external HD's
Internal DVD/RW
Internal CD/RW
8-USB ports 4, 1.0 - 4, 2.0
NEC MultiSync 95 19" monitor
Windows XP Pro SP2


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Homebuilt all the way HotRodCarts!!

My current system:
2.0GHZ Athlon 64 W/ all copper cooler
Asus Mobo
GeForce FX5500 AGP card
Pinnacle AC/DV video capture card and Studio 9 software
320GB 7200RPM Enterprise edition SATA HDD
500W Ultra X-Connect PSU
Dual multi-format DVD durners
19" Samsung SyncMaster 930B on DVI connection
160GB External HDD
14-in-1 Card reader
250 Watt Klipsch/THX speaker system W/ sub
Wireless Keyboard and Mouse
Black mid-tower with UV-reactive green side W/ UV lights and Custom cooling
XP Pro

Which will be upgraded within the next 4 days to:
2.0GHZ Dual core Athlon 64 Socket AM2
New Asus Mobo supporting PCI-e and DDR2
GeForce 6600LE graphics card
(evrything else same as above)

My resurrected Dell Inspiron Notebook:
2.8GHZ Pentium 4M
CD burner
New LCD Panel
XP Home

This machine had a cracked screen and busted power plug... was given to me free. Got a new screen, did a little soldering to fix the jack, and now I got me a new notebook for 160 bucks!

I also have a PowerMac G3 that I use when I am in my shop.
350MHZ Motorola PowerPC Overclocked to 400MHZ
Mac OS X Tiger

These are the three machine I use all the time. If I had a choice, they would all be AMD's... but who can beat cheap. I have a passion for building computers, so I upgrade a lot. My old 1.6GHZ P4 is in the case of an old 266MHZ PI right now. I fabbed it inside, but the outside still looks like it is original!


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Mac G4
733 MHZ
768 Meg of Ram
GeForce2 MX
40 GB Internal HD
80 GB Internal HD
LG LCD 19" Monitor

Nothing fancy, but it works for me...


System Specs CPU maker:
CPU: Intel 3.6GHz P4 HT 2Mb l2
Motherboard: nVidia nForce4 SLi
GPU maker:
Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 7800GTX
Memory: 4GB
Hard Drive: 750GB
Power Supply: 650 watts
Display: 17" Dell LCD
Case: XPS 600
Sound Card: SoundBlaster Audigy2 ZS
Mouse: Wireless Intellimouse Explorer 2
Keyboard: Microsoft Wireless Desktop Elite
Operating System: Windows XP Pro SP2
Temperatures CPU - Idle: 30*C
CPU - Load: 50*C
Case: 45*C
Stock: 3600MHz
Stock: 533Mhz
Overclocked: 533Mhz
Graphics Card - Core
Stock: 450Mhz
Overclocked: 499Mhz
Graphics Card - Memory
Stock: 1200
Overclocked: 1350
3DMark01SE: 29,000
3DMark03: 14,000
3DMark05: 7800
3DMark06: 4900
AquaMark3: 90000
Super Pi: 34 seconds @1 million


Nice systems you guys have.!!

Out in the shop I have a old HP case with a P3 933mhz and a bunch of old parts I had laying around at the time. I use it mainly for printing invoices and hitting the forums when I'm bored LOL....