Complete Rebuild


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Hi Guys,
Need some help/advise
I am new to the forum & new to Golf carts.
I recently bought a 2002 Club Car DS 36 volt resistor model that was flooded for almost nothing.
It came without batteries but the body and frame are in good shape.
I have stripped her all the way down to the bare alum. frame, power washed & buffed her up nice.
The front end & rear end are disassembled on the bench for cleaning and new seals, gaskets etc.
Now for the questions........I plan on installing a totaly new 48 volt system
& I'm a little confused on the best components for my application......
For instance should I use a Pot Box, a multi step potensometer or a MCOR conversion kit?
What amp & brand controller & motor size for normal utility use around the farm?
Sorry for the long post but I'm trying to learn as I go.
Any & all advise appreciated!!


I used a pot on mine, but i just read recently on another forum that a micor is better. Got me?