Complete overhaul loosing my mind! 10V loss


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I need some help guys, i've been on here before asking about high amp draws but here's my latest. I've redone a 92 ez-go w/a EMP high torque motor, new curtus 700 amp controller, h/d seloniod, h/d forward reverse switch, PB-6 pot box, 2/0 welding cable w/crimp ends, and my last draw was a full new set of trojan batteries. WTF would cause me to loose 10-12 amps from the battery to the motor? I upgraded from 36 to 48V and I have 50V across my pack, and 38V at my motor..... I'm about ready to shove the thing in the lake! It has amp draws of about 200 amp pulling a hill. I have about a 3V draw from the battery pack to the frame, but that's about it! HELP!


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200 amps pulling a hill doesn't sound too bad. When you measure voltage at the motor, is that going through the controller?