Columbia shuttle project


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Columbia 6 passenger 48v shuttle hasn't been used last couple years. Replaced batteries and just want someone to confirm that I am thinking right... pulled all the batteries without drawing out how they were set up...and understand the electric and the series set up but according to how the new batteries would fit it looks as if the wires coming from the charger are black for Neg. and white for positive(opposite of my AC knowledge)??? I really need schematics for a mid-80's 48v Columbia shuttle before I mess this thing up... Also is it true that the cart will not drive until it has reached a certain charge level?


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Yes, black is negative and white is positive. Nothing will happen until the main solenoid(s) reaches threshold voltage. You may need to charge in pairs with an automotive charger to get the old Lester to kick in. I seem to remember Columbia's using multiple solenoids and diodes to accomplish speed transition. Any wiring error will reverse-bias a diode and nothing will happen.