Columbia HD Gas Cart


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Hello all, new user here.
I have a Columbia HD gas cart, not sure of the year, all I have is this number 5K 20130 C6.
I am looking to beef it up a bit, I have adjusted the butterfly, air/fuel mixture turned out one and a half. The oil injection has been disabled so oil is mixed with the gas. Also the governor is disabled, only the spring is on holding the metal plate that holds the governor drum in place.
Is there anything else that I can do or have missed?
Thanks to all.



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This site is fantastic!! It has a lot of information.
I was just looking at a post that is doing an engine sway. The Hyundai one, would it be possible to swap my HD engine with one of those Harbor Freight ones? Maybe a 13 hp or 15hp?
If so, is there anything else that I may need to get it going other than fitting it in?
Thanks, Joe


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the biggest problem with that is you will lose reverse since your engine starts backwards for reverse.


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Yes you're right.
Any suggestions?
I'm not too familiar with the way the system/the engine works. I bought this from a friend and the governor and oil injection was already disconnected.
I don't know what would happen if I put everything back the way it should be.
Any idea where I can find a schematic of the engine and parts? That should show me where everything goes.
Also, the vin number, what is the year of this thing? Is it 86 (c6)?


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84-86 is as close as i can come, i would leave that engine in it and just make it run the best ya can. Harley carts are cool! i have one myself. But its easy to pour to much money into them that you will never get back. now if like it and your going to keep it for a long time then have at it. the bottom line is that things can be done to make a little more power but it involves good engine skills and money to get it done, i say if your wanting more power to climb hills or trail ride then sell it and buy a mid 90's ez go or club car and you will be able to do whatever you like.

just my two cents :twocents: good luck on your cart


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Thank you for your information. I want to keep it, my wife wants to go with a mule or something similar.
I think this cart is cool myself, I'm just looking to get more power out of it. The body is in good shape for its age, the engine seems to be strong as well.
You make a good point and I appreciate your input.
Again, any idea where I can find that schematic?


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The letter C (made in the '80s) or D (made in the '90s) designates Columbia as the manufacture.

The last number indicates the year of the decade.


GAS MODELS '63 to '81

'82 to '83

'84 to '85

I suggest contacting Columbia and see if they can provide you with a schematic.

All Inquiries may be directed to;
Columbia ParCar Corp.
E-Mail Us: [email protected]
Phone: 800-222-4653 / 608-524-8888
Fax: 608-524-8380
1115 Commercial Ave.
Reedsburg, WI 53959 USA


Welcome to the forum...

Take a look in the Other Manufacturers Resource section from the main forum. There's quit a few HD and Columbia diagrams in there.


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Thank you all for your valid input.
I now have a new problem, I have an idea what it may be but I need other input.
What happened was I was looking for more power, I checked the fuel system and made necessary adjustments. I did not have the power I should have had. I disconnected the air cleaner hose going into the carb, and drove the cart, I found that I have power, almost doubled. I checked the air cleaner earlier and just blew it out and because I seemed fine.
Now, as I drove the cart and had power it stalled on me. I could not get it started.
I checked the fuel and it seemed fine, I just replaced the fuel filter and still nothing. I jacked up the rear and sprayed carb cleaner in the butterfly and it started.
Fuel is getting through, I placed a ball with a check valve on the fuel line a while back because the cart was not used that often so its easier to pump the ball once or twice to just get the fuel going and its moving.
My thought it may be the fuel pump?
Anything else?


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Yup, I just took the fuel pump apart and nothing seemed wrong.
I guess the carburetor is next.
Thank you.