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I have a 1983 EZGO with a "transplanted" 1PG engine and have had some spark problems so (when he gets time) my dad is going to replace the points and other stuff (hopefully the condensor will be good b/c i have been told that the aftermarket stuff isn't as good as EZGO stuff.) I was wondering when it comes time if a Harley Davidson coil will work on my EZGO because i really don't want dad to have to sink more money in this thing.

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PS: CAN I FIT A CATERPILLAR C7 IN MY GOLF CART AND GET RID OF THIS POORLY DESIGNED ENGINE???? I know, I know its old don't be to hard on it but, my Harley runs better and is more dependable than this thing!!!

OK that was a little off topic


Hi BlueBird,

I have one quick question for you. Are you talking about a coil from a Harley golf car? I know it sounds silly, but its like asking if a Yamaha coil will work on a Yamaha (There are just so many different vehicles with those brand names)... who and what LOL.

On the Harley Golf Car coil... No, its not interchangeable. The harley has an external resistor, and the black engine needs a coil with an internal resistor. So, you need to find a coil with an internal resistor



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Hi BOB-0

Yes, I do mean a Harley Davidson golf cart. I would never be able to afford a Harley cycle. Let alone ride one as i have Cerebal Palsey (sp).

Thanks for the help, Guess I gotta give dad the bad news.


**** I am still thinking about that '97. Bob-0 knows what i'm talking about.****


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Duhh lol... I remembered looking through an online store and seeing a coil for both harley and ezgo 2-cycle carts. I was actually unaware that these old engines had resistor coils...
Man, there are sooooo many things to learn in the wonderful world of golf carts!! Bob, thanks for being there to correct my dumb-@$$-ness!! (<---is that a word?)