Clutch Question

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That is the same clutch I'm planning to use when I convert my 90 Club Car. I called the folks at Comet and that was their best suggestion for my project. I have an 18 HP briggs lined up to use. I need to measure my crank diameter before I order. Seems like a fair price for the clutch though.

EDIT: My understanding is that wound all the way up this clutch ends up with a final drive ratio of .78:1 or 22% overdrive!!


Its is a good clutch I use to have one on my 18hp Briggs. For some stupid reason I cant find the key way size on the shaft. This clutch requires a 1/4" key way and I dont know what size is on that engine. So frustrated!


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If it's a 1/2 moon key, just shave the bottom half to 3/8". ;)
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