Clutch Machining


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What do you exactly do when you get the clutch machined and who could i get to do it? A machine shop? Does it really make a difference? I need my golf cart to climb better for hunting it has 22inch tall tires and a six inch lift. Can anyone shed dome light on clutch machining? It would be appreciated.


Would the 28 degree driven clutch give the golf cart more torque than having it machined or just putting a shorter belt on? :dazed:


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Yes. The steeper angle makes it stay in a lower gear longer. I had a set of 26" Terra tires "HEAVY as all ****" on a '02 with 8" lift and stock engine. The thing would all but climb a wall. You can machine the face of the clutch, that will set the belt higher in the sheeve but won't slow the shift down. Machining and a shorter belt are a cheaper solution, but do not give as good of performance as the 28 degree clutch. :hattip::twocents:


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try getting a hold of jerry ( wass 1967 ) I beleive is his screen name. He has some very good knowledge on this clutch machining stuff. If anyone can help he can.


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Thank you for all of the help and suggestions, it is very helpful it has pointed me in the right direction. :thumbsup: