ClubCar DS F&R Switch Upgrade


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I finally finished upgrading the F&R switch on my 2001 DS ClubCar. I took it all apart, burnished and cleaned the contact points, and replaced the bus bars with heavy duty ones. The switch now looks like new and is capable of tranferring the larger amounts of current required by the upgraded motor and controller.
The only new parts are the bus bars. The other parts, the contacts, are made of heavy enough material that they could be cleaned and honed to a mirror surface without damage.
The original bus bars were made of thin aluminum (0.060") and not capable of handling the additional load of current. I had new ones manufactures of C110 copper and 0.094" thick. I tested the switch under heavy load and it didn't heat up at all. If anyone needs help or bus bars to upgrade their F&R switch let me know. (don1how@