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This is my first attempt at sending pictures to a site and I guess I messed it up? Oh well at 76 I can have some leaway?
I started this project over 2 years ago to give me some relief from the constant pain that I have. I do all my work from a handicapped scooter and have had to make some Rub Golberg platforms etc to be able to work without getting down on floor. ( UNABLE TO GET UP ANYMORE )
The idea was to change a golf cart into a old style car body and try and adapt as I went along with available golf cart after market parts.
I work very slowly and only when I am able which is dependant on the weather and my health at the time.
I made the body out of wood with the thought that "IF" I like the looks I may use the body as a mold for a fiberglass body? The weight added has been considerable but the 48 volt motor seems so far to carry it well? It would not win any races but here in park we can only go 10 MPH anyway.
I have so far added 20"X20"X 10" tires and wheels and hub caps, 2' wheel spacers, 1 5/8" wheel spacers, 2" forward steering plate, wood grained dash, dash mounted power outlet, 48 volt meter, 12 volt voltage meter and 50 amp amp meter, grant wood grained steering wheel with adapters, turn signals, brake switch, 12 volt fuse panel, 48 volt solenoid for 12 volt switching, 12 volt handicapped scooter battery mounted over front suspension, 55 watt headlights, 55 watt off road fog lights, LED tail lights, LED dash lights, LED front turn lights, oogah horn with floor mounted switch, floor mounted shift lever with boot and old glass knob, removable pin trunk lid hinges, trunk "T" handle, and much more.
I will be adding front and rear old style bumpers, fender skirts, side aluminum trim, lake pipes, continental spare tire, expanded aluminum foot rests in back, rumble seat cushions, adapt to a folding windshield, custom remake top and cover to simulate convertable type.
I have added a dash mounted power outlet so that the 12 volt battery can be charged by plugging a charger into it without having to open hood.
I will keep you posted as I get further along??