Club car wont move HUGE PROBLEM!!!


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I was out today riding my cart and i was climbing a little hill..not anything outrageous and the cart started to roll backwards. So i hit the gas pedal and the cart lunged forward for a quick second then rolled down the hill. I heard no grinding no huge pop or bang and the car was fully charged. it is a 1987 club car with brand new batteries. power is making it to all the solenoids because they are all clicking in the correct order as i push the gas pedal further down. this a major problem for me... what could the problem be??? any help would be great.

The car will not go in forward or reverse.. i smell no electrical odor or any other odor


Can you hear any noise from the motor when you try to move the cart? Make sure all the connections at the motor are clean and tight. It's possible you damaged the motor.


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I hear no noise at all from the motor. When i finally got home i checked all the connections and they are all tight and corrosion free. Is it possible that i broke the rear end because the cart was in reverse motion when i hit the gas?? but that didnt make any sounds either, and the cart will roll just fine when i push it

also if the motor is bad which i hope it is not do you know of a kit that i can make it go faster???

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There are plenty of kits to make it go faster and just about anything else you want to do to it. It just depends on how deep your pockets are.


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can you point me in the right direction to find a motor?

I brought the golf cart to work today and some of the guys are ganna help me take the motor off and look at it so ill post later what we find.


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1987 CC came with a series wound motor, let's verify the motor.

Raise back wheels of cart off the ground so tires can spin freely
Remove all cables from motor
Connect A1 to S1 with a piece of wire
Get a 12V battery
Connect S2 to battery positive (+)
Touch A2 to battery negative(-)
Motor should turn