Club Car vs EZGO vs Yamaha Golf Cart Reviews


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Let's hear everyone's reviews on why they like one brand of golf cart over the other, EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha etc. Please mention the make and model of golf cart you have or had when commenting and why you think one car is simpler to work on or why one is not, or anything related pro or con. The more specific you are will help new people make a better choice when rebuilding and selecting a golf cart.


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You heard the saying one mans trash is another mans treasure. Or the saying it's in the eye of the beholder. Or gornoman sucks & nubs rule...

Well it's kinda like that . Both EZGO & Club Car are the two best golf carts on the market. They are the two oldest manufacturers out there . Well at least of my time... Old guys like me and a lot others have had both thru the years. You can't go wrong with either one in my books.. Other then these two . You get what you pay for..!!!


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As far as which one is the easiest to work on . You would have to ask someone that has worked on both. Good luck with that one. If you get a guy that says EZGO or if you get a guy that says Club car . I would ask for their credentials of both.

My credentials or I have a 85 mph 1/8 mile drag golf cart. The electronics or series wound DC. The frame is Club Car. The rear end is EZGO. The body is also EZGO.


I work on E-Z-GO and Club Car weekly for the last 12 years and my preference is E-Z-GO. Both are good golf carts as well as Yamaha but just prefer E-Z-GO. Parts I think are more standard, and the metal frame I like better as well as the suspension.


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I've always been partial to EZ-GO . My first cart was the series EZ-GO. At the time they had more going for them than Club Car. Aftermarket parts were a big deal 10 years ago & EZ-GO seemed to have them all. Thru the years of having both I too find the EZ-GO the easiest one to work on. But there again I also like the Club Car . Personally I don't think anyone would go wrong with either one.


I have had a Club Car DS and E-Z-GO TXT both gas golf carts and the E-Z-GO has been a lot more reliable. The old Club Car I had was beat when I bought it though and the E-Z-GO was only 3 years old.
Way more aftermarket parts out there for E-Z-GO. The new Club Cars and E-Z-GO's are ugly though IMHO. I see a lot of new golf carts at the track and wonder WTH were they thinking?