Club Car Villager 6 (what frame is it on?) speed & max tire diameter

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I just joined the forum after getting a 2017 Villager 6 with an EFI Subaru engine. This came with a house we bought in the Bahamas. I pulled and cleaned the fuel tank and injector that was totally clogged and put in new injection pump. She purrs like a kitten now. So, I’m now on to fixing her up so it doesn’t look like a rental and want to get a bit more speed. I ordered a high speed accelerator cable. I need some advice on Tire Diameter. I can’t figure out what the maximum is. Is this a DS, Precedent, DS Carryall??? The first digits in the Serial are SE1724. I have some people telling me I can’t go larger than 18” and others saying I can go to 20.5” I would like to go to 215/50/12 tires on offset wheels if they fit. It will help with potholes and pick up 2-3 mph but I don’t want to rub. I would be willing to add a 1” spacer block up front if I had to and/or shackles in the back but I prefer the non-lifted look. Thanks for any advice.


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It's a stretched DS frame. 20" tires will work on a DS but I've never tried them on a Villager. I think they will fit without rubbing.

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Thank you. The 215/50/12 look like 20.46” so I’ll give it a go. I have to bring the unexpected with me since I only get over to the island to work on it once or twice a month. Do you recommend I bring anything else “just in case”. I have mechanical experience but not with carts. Do the front 1” billet aluminum spacer blocks mess up alignment? Is there some company that makes simple shackles or ladder bars for the rear springs?