Club car Tires


That depends on the rim. They have 8" 10" 12" so which do you have? If you have a 8" rim and put 11" on it then NO it want work.
Go to your golf cart and look on the side of one of the tires.

Your golf cart tire size will look like a string of numbers like this: 18x8.5-8 - we will use this number as an example as it is the standard size for most golf carts.

Step 2
Okay, now to read your golf cart tire size, the first number 18 (in our example) refers to the diameter of the tire.

So the diameter in this example is 18 inches across.

Step 3
The next number 8.5 refers to the width of the tire.

So for this tire example, the tire is 8 inches wide.

Step 4
The last number 8 refers to the diameter of the rim of your tire.

So the rim for this example is 8 inches across.