Club Car Throttle Problem Wide Open All the Time


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Working on a BEATER 1995 Club Car golf cart with a throttle problem. When it starts I only have 1 speed, and that is wide open. I tried adjusting the accelerator cable at the box. Went all the way in, then out little by little, nothing changed. No matter how little or how far you press the throttle pedal, just one speed. Need some help guys.


Look in the throat of the carburetor and see if the butterfly is still there. Club Cars have a tendency for the butterfly coming off of the shaft in carburetor, getting chewed up and spit out the exhaust. It usually doesn't damage the engine and replacing the carburetor or butterfly should fix it if that's your problem.


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Sounds like its in the carburetor or it could be the gas pedal is adjusted to far down. It is recommended that if you measure from the floor to the top of the pedal ir should be about 11-11- 1/4. Try that if not I would say take the carburetor off and clean it good.. jasmine