Club Car Takes Off Fast Then Starts Slowing Down


It takes off well enough, goes plenty fast enough, but then starts slowing down, I can't really tell if the rpms drop, if they do it's not much, I'm thinking the CVT is not holding it's high end of its ratio but I don't know much about them to know what to do, what to look for and maintenance.
I mainly find how to's on replacement.
Any advice for a golf cart newb?
91 Club Car Carr DS with the Kaw 340.


I keep reading and looking on this, but no one has this or seen this and know why ?

Checked and in maintenance mode the belt goes all the way up on the drive and about 3/4 way down on driven, and does it nice and smooth. Not sure if the govener is backing it off too much or the CVT is relaxing back to a lower gear ratio on its on ?

I'd know if I had a half seat lol