Club Car Stopped dead


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A friend of mine and my wife were coming back from downtown (we live in a golfcart community) and the cart just quit.
It's an older club car maybe 97 or 98 (48v.)
The batteries are brand new and charged up. Battery indicator shows full charge
Lights and buzzer work, but does not go.
Where do I start?


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The first thing to check is ALL the cable connections.
Can you hear the solenoid click when you press the throttle?


I would first want to get the year narrowed down. Do you know how to tell what year it is? Above gas pedal to the right a little. What are the first few letters and numbers?


Ok your cart is a 95. The first thing that I would do is eliminate the solenoid as the problem. I understand that it clicks but that does not always mean that they are working. You do this by making a jumper across the two large post of the solenoid as see if the cart runs. A short battery cable works good for this test. You may want to get the rear wheels off the ground before you do this.


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