Club Car Steering Problems

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Brand new to the site. Need some help/info.

Bought the clunker Club Car about 6-7 years ago and started having steering problems after installing a lift kit. Used it a lot in my hobby. It has a 6" lift kit, chrome wheels, and knobbies. I have used it for about four years with the lift kit. It is a mid to late 80s. I order stuff as a DS model. 36 volts.

When I installed the lift kit I never adjusted alignment. About two weeks my two granddaughters were driving around the property and after they went home, I was putting the cart in the garage and discovered it would barely turn to the left. Few days later, I attempted to adjust alignment and discovered that tie rod was not long enough. Called Buggies Unlimited and after a couple of people, I was told that some "Jakes" lift kits were made with wrong angle on tie rod "bar". Was told they cut the tie rod in half, sleeve, weld, and reinstall. I cut in half, drilled and tapped the hollow tie rod and now the wheels are correct. BUT......

I cannot turn left. Hits the steering wall about 5 degrees left. Will turn right big time. Could the girls have hit something and the worn out steering jumped some teeth?

Second question (developed from reading about 15 pages to see if anybody else hd the first problem)

I installed a new solenoid about three-four years ago. Never knew the possibility of having a number of resistors and they could be bad. Seems like some time ago, I could be cruising and let up and mash the pedal and seemed to change to higher gear.


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OK I'm going to try to explain this the best I can. On the right side of the steering rack, there is a link
that attaches to the right side spindle/idler arm. Disconnect from spindle, turn steering wheel from right to left and find center,then you will most likely have to lenghten the link you disconnected so you can reconnect it. Be sure your wheels are pointed forward [ 1/8 in toed-in ] before you reattach the link.
hope this helps.

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Question before I start tinkering. Since the steering has never had a problem in the years that I have owned the cart, how would an adjustment solve the problem? I am short about two full turns trying to turn left.

Going to the garage to look.


I'd say something got bent or the steering rack is broke. Like BIGDAWG said post some close up pics of the front suspension.

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This old cart has served me well for a number of years. Paid $600.00 for it about seven years ago. I use it for a gun cart in my shooting hobby. At times it will have 4 people, 20 long guns, ice chest, and all of our range equipment.