Club Car Steering Column


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Looking for a used steering column for my 2006 DS IQ 48V club car. Would like to try to shorten it about 3-4". My big belly needs more room! Don't want to try on current column and mess it up.


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Club Car has different length columns. I have some that are two to three inches shorter that stock. I don't know what models they are from, but they are out there.
You can cut the steering shaft and clamp in a piece of angle iron to weld, just make sure you leave a relief on both parts so you can get a good weld. The aluminum tube can just be cut to match.
I had an employee cut 4" out of the column once. He cut the 4" out of the shaft and re-welded it, did a wonderful job, but then he cut the aluminum tube in two and cut 4" out of it and re-welded it... The tube is aluminum and the same diameter.


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Thanks for the info. Guess I'll have to just keep looking and hoping to find something. I hadn't planned on cutting the middle out of the tube though.