Club Car State Of Charge Battery Meter Install


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I installed a State Of Charge meter in my '85 5-solenoid project cart. I assumed I could pick up pack voltage from the keyswitch like I can in an EZ-Go sparky, but the keyswitch is only showing 10.8v.

Is this voltage correct?
If correct, where can I pickup pack voltage that turns on and off with the keyswitch?

If the voltage cannot be picked up I will run wires to the pack and install a toggle to control the SOC meter, something less than desirable.


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I'm an EZGO guy too but would assume that the key-switch would be pack v.
The wiring diagram is not real clear but it appears that the key switch is across the pack via the FNR switch.
Have you checked the connection with a voltmeter or confirmed that the new state of charge meter is reading correctly?
You may also have a 48v meter.


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Doug, the meter is a 36v refit from my EZ-Go before I upgraded to 48v. I tested it across the pack and it responds correctly. I agree the schematic indicates pack voltage, but thought there might be something about these carts that isn't obvious.