Club Car Solenoid/Controller


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I have a 2001 48 volt Club car, and stupidly forgot to disconnect the battery and put it on "Tow" when I was cleaning the two main side-by-side terminals on the electric motor. I accidentally connected them, causing a momentary spark. The car was in-op after that. I checked the solenoid and found the diode burned and smoking. I replaced the solenoid, and now the cart moves but only goes into reverse with the rocker switch on both F and R. I am sure I hooked up the new solenoid correctly.

Did I damage the controller as well, or is there yet another component that became damaged that might be causing this problem? Thanks for any guidance!


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From what you describe I would say the controller is shot. It doesn't take much of a arc to destroy a controller.


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Ouch, that's an expensive mistake. If you have some extra money, maybe you'll consider
upgrading your controller to a 350 or 400 amp. Should add some torque.