Club Car Solenoid Clicks Golf Cart Won't Move


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I have a 92 Club Car DS 48 volt golf cart. I'm having some problems with the throttle. About half of the time, I'll push the throttle pedal and the solenoid clicks, but the golf cart won't move. Sometimes if you shift into reverse, go back, and then try forward again it will work. I thought it might be the F/R switch, so I replaced it, but it didn't seem to help. I have an alltrax controller, and I'm wondering if one of the pins on the controller could be switched, but I would think it wouldn't run then. could that be the problem, or would it not run at all if one of the pins were switched? I'm also wondering if the speed controller could have a bad contact in it, because sometimes it's a hair jerky. That's the only reasonable thing I can think of. Anybody have any suggestions of what it could be???
Thanks for your help!

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start with checking all the cables for loose ends dirty connections etc. The solenoid could be going bad and will cause the problem you describe but check the connections first.


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I'll check the connections. I doubt it is the solenoid only because I bought the solenoid a few months ago, but you never know. I'll let you know what I find.