Club Car Shocks for Lift Kit


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Hi guys-Been reading your forum for about a year and have learned alot. I have a 1981 Club Car, which I have made street legal (Lexington, Mi ). I gave it a 6" lift kit with All Sports, 23" tires on 12" rims. I converted the 36 volts to 48 , 4 gage wire, 700 amp controller, Red Hawk 10 hp motor. New body and seats. My question is to dirtysouth, with the lift kit. Of course the shocks can be seen. I have painted them red and they real sharp. What I'd like to do is put chrome coil covers over the red shocks. Think it would look good, but I need Steve to help me with this


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I think it would look cool too, but I am not aware of any coils small enough. They can be made, but they would be pricey and would make the suspension stiff. What about the poly boots like you would see on a dirt bike fork tube? They make them in several colors, I believe silver too. They would zip tie to the shock, look pretty cool and wouldn't effect the suspension. :dazed:
Just an idea... If I can be of any help, you can almost always catch me here on Cartaholics Golf Cart Forum or at the shop... :hattip:


The EZGO ST's have the poly boots on the front shocks and they do look good. I was thinking of doing the same thing to both of my EZGO TXT's.


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Thanks guys for the reply. I'll do some more reserch and see if I can find a set of chrome ones. Will let you know if I score