Club Car seems to be killing batteries.


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Our Club Car is not an old cart and it seems we have started having a good bit of trouble with it. I think its approx. a 2002 - 2004 model.

In the past few months we have noticed it going slower. After checking the batteries we found one was bad, took it to Battery Source where we got it and it was exchanged due to the fact it was only a few months old. The cart did well for about 3 - 4 days then got extremely slow again. We checked the batteries, cables, water in all and found the new one that we had just replaced was bad again. Took it back, got a new one and here we go again. My husband says something else has to be wrong, its not that we are getting bad batteries.

Any suggestions?


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Sounds like the other batteries may be bad , when charging does the new battery boil? May be over charging new battery. Check solenoid connectoions, may be loose cable or bad contacts in solenoid whick translate to poor current flow. Should be able to see heat build up or discoloration at studs where cables connect.


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What happens sometimes is the charge wires from the receptacle gets hooked to the wrong battery so the one battery never see's the charger, just make sure that the larger wires from the battery pack to controller and/or solenoid have the charge wires hooked with them at the batterie pack.


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diode has it, make sure the charger wire is hooked to the right battery........i can,t tell you how many times i have seen this and since its the same battery thats failing i,ll bet ya its not being charged.......if you have a 48 volt cart with six 8 volt batteries the 10 gage red wire should be on the pos. terminal of the rear pass. side battery...............if its not put it there and charge the cart problem solved..............................