Club Car Runs at 1/2 Speed With New Batteries


I didn't think you did anything. :hmm: I was just letting you know you're welcome to start a thread in the general talk section. I'm sure the OP will be back at some point. :twocents:


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Furthermore, the "placebo effect" is often in play; when one pays more for something they somehow "feel" it is working/running better. Like those that are foolish enough to time after time pay WAY more for premium fuel, when the recommended fuel is regular, and their engine works perfectly fine on regular. :dazed:
Missed this one. I agree on the fuel deal but have doubts about Chinese electric components. There's a ton of proof out there that backs up that Chinese electronic components are poop. To each their own
You don't happen to be related to Ronnie Watson from Texas are you?
Nope! My relatives came from England in early 1600s to NJ, then to MI & IL. My other 1/2 of family came from Germany just after WWI to eventually IL after 1st Brazil & Canada.