Club Car Roof Rack


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I am considering purchasing a 2006 CLUB CAR PRECEDENT but would like to know first if I can add a roof rack to take surf boards/lawn chairs etc to the beach. When I look up golf car roof rack I mostly get EZ-Go racks. Are these rack interchangable? Can Club Cars be outfitted with racks? If so, could anyone tell me where I can get Club Car rack.



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Customized to fit E-Z-GO TXT roof bolt holes, However some customers tell us they made small modifications to fit other brand carts, But we can only sell as listed by the factory as for E-Z-GO TXT.

If you look at the pic of my cart, that is an EZ-GO light bar. I measured my friend's EZ-GO cart roof mount bolt holes. The mounting holes fell within my carts roof lines, so I just drilled the holes in my roof and bolted it on. If you were to measure the same way and the holes all fall within your roof lines, I can't see why it wouldn't work. You might have to use spacers on either end (or both) to acount for any arc in the Precedent's roof opposed to the EZ-GO's flat roof.

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