Club Car Project Cart

I was given a 03' Club Car DS project cart that has not ran in years... I took apart the car and have read about a fuse near the battery. I found 1 25 amp fuse, but also have a few other spots where fuses could go. Does anyone know what these empty spots would be linked to?

I have tried to start it, but only get clicking sounds with no turn over. The battery was charged back up and is the old battery, so I know I need to replace it... Just was hoping to wait to buy one until I know whats wrong if anything is with the car.



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I think you need to start with a good battery, once it turns over you will need to check the compression then pull and clean the carb.
i was just trying to see if it would turn over or if “micro switches” ? was bad.. I did leave out and that the body has been removed to proper clean out of gas tank, replacement of fuel lines/fuel pump/carb and motor mount has been replaced since the cost wasn’t to bad.. Next will be the battery, I was just asking the first question to see if I need to pay close attention to anything else. I looked at the micro switches but since it’s clicking .. they are working ?? While looking at the switches is when I noticed only 1 fuse in the holder that clearly has extra spots for fuses. Any info of good info, since this is my first time messing with a golf cart and don’t know why it was parked and left for dead... I’m “assuming” something was wrong with it for it to be parked.

Thanks in advance for replies


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If i remember correctly there's only one fuse in that block. I'll check when I get to shop. Do you have a way to test battery or a known good one you can borrow from the neighbors car lol?