Club Car President Not Running


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I have a Club Car President 2010 electric cart. It is not running at all. The battery’s are showing 49 volts. I have replaced the solenoid and mcor 2. The solenoid isn’t clicking so what parts tell the solenoid to click and how many volts go to the smaller wires of the solenoid? And where does the electricity to power the solenoid come from?


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There is a resistor across the two big terminals of the solenoid is that resistor getting hot just sitting there
There are five inputs that need to be made before the cart will move
1 obc
2 Mcor sw
3 Mcor reostat
4 forward reverse sw
5 run tow switch
These inputs can be checked on the 16 pin connector at the controller


Cartaholic - V.I.P.
Im not sure what your asking the solenoid is controlled by the controller, so all of the above must me correct for the controller to engage the solenoid

there are schematics here and on my web site download one