Club Car Precedent No Regen Braking


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Hi all.

Just bought a used 2006 Club Car Precedent electric. I think I probably paid a little too much ($3300), but it appears to be in excellent shape and runs great, so I didn't mind. My main reason for getting a golf cart is for my folks. They are elderly and we have a lot of property, so I thought this would be nice for them to roam around with.

The serial number begins with PQ, which I understand indicates an "IQ" model.

The cart came from a golf course, so I assume it has their standard settings. The speed is fine for my use. The only problem I have with it is that there is no braking at all when you lift off the throttle pedal. I've ridden other CC cars where you could feel the regen function kick in which provided some "engine braking", and I've read about a "pedal-up braking setting" on some electrics that could be set to various levels. Am I correct to assume that these functions are probably turned off in the onboard controller?

If so, how do I enable these functions? Is there a way with to do it without the CC IQDM tool? (Aftermarket PC program, etc...) or is there perhaps a replacement aftermarket controller that allows you to make your own changes?

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the forum and congrats on the new cart...

As far as I know all the programming on a IQ cart has to be done with a IQDM by a Club Car dealer or someone who has access to one.

Alltrax makes controllers for the IQ carts that will allow you to program different settings including the regen breaking.