Club Car Precedent Jerking and Has No Power


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Hello all! I am glad I came across this forum. I have a 2012 Club Car (48volt) golf cart that when I try to go up a hill has no power. on flat land it starts jerking and doesn't really go. The battery light comes on after a full charge. I'm not sure how old the batteries are, we bought this used last year and just started having this problem.

All 6 batteries are reading 8volts after charge but I tested them under a load by holding my foot on the brake and giving it gas and each battery dropped to about 5.6 volts. Is this normal? Could it mean my batteries are bad? Water in each is good.


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Do not test your batteries that way ever again while it is a good test for the batteries it’s also a good way to blow the controller and possibly a motor an electric motor needs to turn even if ever so slightly or else she will create a stall Condition and it’s like a dead short always allow the motor to spin even if just a little.
Yes your batteries are shot make sure the chargers work and make sure they have water in them


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Thank you for the response, and good to know. Never thought about the motor not turning.

Are the US batteries US8VGC good batteries? Looking at $620 for a set.


I have been checking battery prices here today. Best I found here was 720 plus tax for crowns. That is a good price.