Club Car Precedent Golf Cart Accelerator Pedal Sticking


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I have a 2005 electric Club Car Precedent golf cart and the accelerator pedal is sticking when you release it. It doesn't stay stuck for long. it will release after a couple seconds. Any recommendation would be appreciated.


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I have had a similar problem...due to dirt, sand, rust or debris on the under-carriage pedal linkage, you have some binding/sticking which delays the pedal play. I would clean it all up, and coat with a good shot of silicone spray. Should solve the problem.


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Trying to clean and lubricate the "pedal group" may fix your problem, unless it is a cart from the coast (salt water and air). I bought a fleet of Club Car Precedents from the coast one time and had to replace a bunch of pedal groups. Let me know if you need anything.