Club Car Precedent Gas Golf Cart FE350 Engine Backfires


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I have 2006 Club Car Precedent golf cart with a FE350 engine and when I let off gas at stop sign then get right back on gas it backfires. If I was going downhill for ways and I let off to coast when I get back on gas it backfires big and will not run for minute or so after that.
Also cart has strong fuel smell when sits after running for awhile. The golf cart has 8:1 high speed gears with governer spring tied and rev limiter working. The engine never hits rev limiter. Runs about 20 MPH.


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You may need to adjust the butterfly on the carburetor this can cause the engine to backfire when coasting down and restarting at the stop sign. Are you sure that the rev limiter is not what is causing the golf cart to backfire on the down hill run? Like HRC suggested I would clean the carburetor also, it can only help.


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Part of your problem is the governor spring being tied, another part is the cable not adjusted properly. The Club Car Precedent golf cart has a G-COR attached to the throttle pedal and that is what turns the spark on and off. If the pedal is out of sync with the carburetor butterfly the engine will backfire. :twocents: