Club Car Precedent Drive and Starter Belts Installation Problems


New Member
I am trying to replace the belts on my 2007 Club Car Precedent and I do have the correct part numbers for both. I just can’t get them to roll over the pulleys no matter how hard I try. I got them from Golf Cart Tire Supply, who verified that they were the correct parts. The small rear access panel on the back of my gas cart doesn’t seem to allow me enough leverage to install the belts and trying under the cart is just as difficult with not enough room. I know that they are new and will be harder to install than the old ones I took off. There has to be an easier way that will allow me more room to access these areas. Please help! I am totally striking out !

Phil Rogers

Well you will probably need to loosen up the starter to get the starter belt on. The drive belt can be very hard to get on. Just roll it on a bit at a time.