Club Car Precedent Does Nothing When Gas Pedal Pushed


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I have a 2008 gas Club Car Precedent. A few weeks ago it got where it wouldn't turn over on every gas pedal push but would start eventually like a loose connection. After a few times it got where it was completely dead and does nothing. I tried jumping across large posts on solenoid, nothing. Done a few more tests and determined that the solenoid was bad. I replaced it still nothing. Pulled starter and bench tested it and it was dead, replaced it, still nothing. Replaced microswitches, nothing. Mechanic said that if none of that worked that it has to be the GCORR. Replaced it, nothing. Replaced key switch, nothing.

During all of this the 10 amp fuse is blowing when pedal is pushed and the F/R switch is either in forward or reverse. It doesn't blow when in maintenance mode at all.

I've started tracing wires and can't find any broken or rubbing on anything to create a short.

The only thing I've come across that seems odd to me is that when I unplug the black and white wires from the F/R microswitch and check continuity, they seem to be connected and I'm not sure they should be. when I plug them back up and check the green wire it's dead. when I activate the switch all 3 wires check continuity at the same time. Shouldn't the white one disconnect when switch is activated? Also, when I check these wires to the engine block they check as grounded. I can't find where these are cut, frayed, or rubbing anywhere either.

Can anyone shed some light on my problem. Maybe it has nothing to do with these 3 wires. If anyone has any ideas PLEASE let me know.