Club Car Power Kit


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Club Car Power Kit ( Torque Spring)

Fits 1986-2006 DS and 2004-2005 Precedent.

Cart Part Plus Model No. DPK201

Review- The install was not a bad as I thought it was going to be. You will need some Snap Ring Plyers that can open pretty wide and some help if you deciede to do it would a press. I felt a difference in torque and I was very happy with the over all performance. The cart tested was lifted with 22" tires. I would also like to make a comment on how great Cart Part Plus service was. Tom is a very nice guy and will treat you right.

How I did it-You will need to take the Driven Belt off and then remove the bolt that is in the "Driven Clutch" hopefully it should slide off nicely. The shaft will be keyed so don't lose the key it may want to slide off with the "Driven Clutch". Next you need to put some pressure around the snap ring so you can remove the snap ring. Then the top part that was held down by the snap ring should slide off. Then remove the old spring and slide back the new one. Now you need to apply alot of force so you can get that snap ring you took off back on. I did so by cutting a 2" hole in a 2X4 and balancing me on one side and my dad on the other and centering that 2" hole around the snap ring. Once the snap ring is in place put the "Driven Clutch" back on making sure the key is in place and tighting the bolt back on.

I like Cart Parts Plus a lot!! Tom is a great guy and easy to deal with!
May I suggest aligning the engine? That will make it get the most out of the FE290!